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cat stuff modern platforms; window sill perch

Office window sill perch

We have a window in our office that overlooks the street. Odie and Suzy love to sit and look out the window, enjoying the sunshine. We decided to build a window sill perch that looks modern, has room for two cats (though usually only one is on top) and doesn't cover the vent below the window.

Here they are enjoying the window in an old box. This will be replaced.

Constructed from solid pine, glued with biscuits. There's a rail around the top to create a cosy spot, like the lid of the box above. The open back will line up with the window sill.

A square is cut to allow access to the bottom area. The circles are for poking paws and playing.

The edges are routered to soften. Building is completed.

Testing out fit.

Stained with gel stain. It required 3 or 4 coats. We then applied polyurethane for protection.

Beautiful material for the cusions. An old pillow was taken apart and the feathers reused to stuff the new cushions.

Testing out the pillows.

Installed. It was hung on the wall with a plywood cleat. Note the top lines up with the window sill and the heating vent below is clear.

First test...mmm...soft.

Suzy on the top, Odie in the bottom. Rare, but it does happen.

Enjoying the view.

Nice yawn before a nap.

Checking out the neighbourhood.