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cat stuff modern platforms; window sill perch

Modern cat platforms

We had an old, not so modern looking cat gym in our family room. Odie and Suzy love to hang out on it looking out the window and keeping us company in the evenings. We decided to redesign the whole concept, making a modern style cat gym with places to hang out and scratch that would fit into our contemporary decor.

The platforms were made with 3/4" oak veneer plywood.

Temporary pet store scratching post, just didn't do the trick. Note the green tape on the wall, this is the design for the wall shelves. We made each platform was just big enough for once cat to reduce fighting, and spaced each platform to allow easy jumping from platform to platform.

Here is one of the platform pieces. Note the edge that joins the corners together to create a strong bond. The surface has been routered out, and the edges chiseled so the carpet tiles fit flush instead of above the surface..

One of the pieces of carpet tiles in the routered area.

Note one of the corner joints (green line highlighted), a very tight and strong fit. A regular mitre and biscuits could also work.

Here are all the pieces complted, ready for staining.

Stained and installed. The carpet tiles have been glued in with construction adhesive and the sisal board has been mounted to the bottom side. It is installed on the wall with small L brackets at several points, indicated by the red dots.

The width of each platform is minimum 18" to span two joists for strength. The shape of each platform is designed for vertical support to eliminate the need for large brackets.

Each shelf has something enticing. The first shelf is in line with the window sill, plus a sisal scratching area. The second one has a little cocoon corner and the top shelf has the scratching area, plus, it's the top spot!

Taking in the view.

Having a good scratch

Eyeing the top spot.

Still a little scuffle for top cat.

I give up.

Jumping up.

Enjoying an afternoon snooze.



From the backyard.